Steve Knuble's Hockey Skills Clinic


"The Perfect Clinic for Beginning Men and Women Hockey Players"


Welcome to Bill Ellsworth's & Steve Knuble's Hockey Skills Clinic for 2016!

Next Session Begins in June:

First Class -Thursday June 9th at 7:15 PM

Steve Knuble and Bill Ellsworth have been offering Adult Hockey Clinics in the Ann Arbor area since 1996. The Hockey Skills Clinics are geared toward beginning to intermediate hockey players that are looking for some instruction before or while they are in their adult leagues. During the 13 week class most individual and team skills required to play in your leagues will be covered. Including....

SKATING - We will cover the basics including: edge work, balance and agility drills, forward stride, backward stride, pivots and crossovers. We will work on skating the first 15 minutes of EVERY class with and without the puck.

STICKHANDLING - Increase you puck control skills through explanation and a series of puck handling drills. Learn to control the puck while doing power turns and crossovers, as well as how to maximize your speed with the puck.

PASSING - Learn the four types of passes and how to properly receive a pass. We'll conduct drills showing you when and who to pass to, as well as how to get open for a pass.

SHOOTING - Through explanation and individual instruction, we will increase the speed and accuracy of your shot. We'll teach you the four types of shots: wrist shot, backhand shot, snap shot and slap shot. Learn what shot to use in certain situations and what goal scorers do to "Light the Lamp".

1-ON-1 & 2-ON-1 - Learn what to do the next time you are in one of these situations whether you're a forward or defenseman. Stickhandling and puck protection will be highlighted for the 1-on-1 drills, while 2-on-1 discussion will cover working both with and without the puck.

BREAKOUTS & POSITIONING - Learn positioning in the offensive and defensive zones, as well as breaking out of your defensive zone. Know where to be and what to do so your team can start an offensive rush quickly and efficiently.

"DARKSIDE OF HOCKEY" - A fun and popular class that will teach you how to use your body and stick to your advantage. We will discuss puck possession in the open ice and along the boards. You'll learn the tricks of the trade, so you'll end up with the puck after the 1-on-1 battles.

Including an hour long scrimmage the last class.

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or call (734) 395-0745